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Schüller Kitchens

Elba – Ceramic Steel

Modern and laid-back. Cool but not cold. Breathe a soul into your kitchen with the concrete look. The concrete-look front makes a solid and robust impression, yet at the same time, it can be given something of a defined and delicate feel with subtle details. Enjoy the warm atmosphere this look can bring to our kitchen.

The simple tip-on system gives you a completely new free hand in designing your kitchen. Because without handles, the kitchen front steals the show. Deliberately configured reveals create a space-defining, purist look.

K087 Ceramic steel grey effect

Front finish: Laminate

K087 Ceramic steel grey effect

System: 78 cm


K087 Ceramic steel grey effect

Picture details/Special features:

– Technical tall unit
– Mechanical push-pull opening
mechanism TIP-ON

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