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InHouse offers its network of more than 500 independent retailers the most comprehensive advertising and marketing support package available.

InHouse spends a six figure sum on advertising each year to drive traffic and enquiries directly to the dealer network.


InHouse has ‘Probably the best marketing and PR support in the industry’.

Every good retailer knows how important word of mouth is in building reputation and business, so imagine the benefits of the entire nation hearing how great the brand you represent is? This is exactly what happens when you work with InHouse.

Regular features in leading consumer titles such as Beautiful Kitchens, Grand Designs, Ideal Home plus the dedicated KBB press, has led to high brand awareness for all our brands. That means your customers know, trust and respect Schüller, next125, Pelipal, and Aster as leading companies in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

This commitment to PR and marketing ensures every retailer benefits from a level of national brand awareness that would be almost impossible to achieve independently.



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