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Systemo – Worktops

Regardless of whether ceramic or quartz stone versions – elements from Systemo combine natural, elegance and sustainability perfectly. Both materials are not only robust, acid-resistant and food-safe, but also very hygienic and easy-to-maintain thanks to their non-porous surfaces. For everyday life this means simple handling. Direct contact with food is safe – the preparation of meals can be done directly on the work surface. With the simplest means, the surface is quickly cleaned again hygienically.


Systemo Ceramic is sintered from various natural materials such as clay, feldspar, kaolin and quartz sand under high temperatures. This results in highly compressed, homogeneous surfaces with very good technical properties. The very hard ceramic material is appreciated by kitchen professionals in daily use in the kitchen. For the aesthetics the material offers an experience through its beautiful surfaces and the pleasant feel.


Systemo quartz stone consists of 93% natural quartz and 7% colour pigments and binders. These components are mixed in a complex process, poured into a mould and processed to plate material under high pressure, vibrations and vacuum. The plates are then ground and polished on one side. The optimal combination of the components and the modern manufacturing process ensure that Systemo quartz has similar mechanical physical properties as a high quality natural stone.

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