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Ceiling units

Everything is possible and everything is allowed.

Endless possibilities

Functional, trendy, spacious and customisable according to your own taste. The range of Wave ceiling units offers almost endless possibilities. All models are entirely integrated in the kitchen and are remarkably easy use. They can be easily installed in a small space. Not only the stuccowork will remain intact, the light lines of the ceiling can also remain untouched after the installation. Furthermore, every model can be connected to a good ducting system consisting of tight channels.

Custom Made

The ceiling units can also recirculate. And that’s good because the system keeps the energy in the house so that no duct have to be created. For this option, we have fitted carbon filters or a plasma filter. Wave makes its ceiling units part of the interior and design of the kitchen. But there are more possibilities. With online configurator ‘Wave Custom Made’, you can pick your own colours, materials, dimensions, lighting and installation depth. Customisation up to the finest detail, an extractor could not get more personal.

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