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A cooker hood is a necessity when it comes to good ventilation in the kitchen. WKP believes that a cooker hood serves a function as well as a decorative purpose in your kitchen. Because Wave is fully specialised in cooker hoods, they can supply the model you have in mind. This can be a standard product or custom made if required. Your request is their challenge! The result is evident in our brands’ new collections, in which technique and design are fully integrated.

The modern kitchen has to share the same atmosphere as the living room. A room that invites you, your family and your friends to interact socially, and performs functionally. Not an ordinary kitchen, but the heart of the home, that is carefully put together. If this appeals to you, then they welcome you at Wave with open arms and will introduce you to a very important piece of furniture, the extractor.

Wave strive continuously to develop the perfect extractors, combining the latest in technology with stylish and unique design. The technology of a Wave extractor is efficient, powerful and ground breaking.  They design their extractors with appeal, which fit in with all of today’s kitchen needs. A kitchen that becomes one with the living area. At Wave, it is their goal to fulfil tomorrow’s requirements, today. Combining design with technique to create a truly valued product.

Wave manufacture their own special designs but also strive to meet individual demands. Is your desired model not there? Then bring Wave your innovative ideas, and they will help you create your dream extractor.

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A game of various colours and materials

The models 2027, 2109, 2175, 2610, 2611 and 2617 hang from steel wires and spindles so that they are barely in contact with the ceiling. The basic shapes are simple and the finish on them is refined. The lighting is warm and atmospheric. It’s a game of various colours and materials, including copper and leather. The aesthetic benefits ensure that these models look fantastic, and are a welcome addition to every modern kitchen.

Without technique, Wave designs would have no value. The powerful cleansing task of the plasma filter in these models and the ideal position above the stove ensure the highest possible extractor capacity.

Luxurious elements

This collection also includes the timeless models 2238 and 2065. The craftsmanship with high-end stainless steel, atmospheric spots and a powerful engine make the smooth designs shine even more, without taking away from the sense of calm. Refined design additions ensure luxurious elements in a look that looks simple.

The 2238 and 2065 can be connected to duct canals, possibly in combination with external motors. Of course, you can also choose a system with recirculation. For this, you can use carbon filters or a plasma filter.

No connection to the ceiling

After the success of the island models, like the 2610 and 2611, the designers continued that line of thought in the design of the wall models 1610, 1611, 1617 and 1109. The models are not connected to the ceiling. The 1611 and 1109 don’t even seem to be connected to the wall. The extractor becomes a natural element, joining the other pieces of furniture in the kitchen. Atmospheric lighting, combinations of colours and materials and the refined finish turn the extractor into an eye catcher.

Eliminate cooking odours

Cooking odours are eliminated by the plasma filter in the extractor and its position on the wall, directly above the stove. If you are looking for a timeless extractor system with a solid look and possibilities for external ducting, you should take a look at the cubic models 1065 and 1116. The versions without motors are connected to external (outside) motors, but an internal motor is also an option, in combination with a carbon or plasma filter.

Functionality and spaciousness

With the collection of built-in units, Wave offers the best in functionality and spaciousness. The emphasis is on technology. The models are easy to assemble in overhead cabinets so that the exhaust is fully absorbed in the interior. Motor and drainage have also been developed with the aim of minimizing cupboard space. The design of the kitchen remains unaffected by the choice of a built-in unit. Color, lighting and dimensions can also be adjusted easily and at low cost. As with the ceiling units, they can be switched with additional sets of LED lamps in the rest of the kitchen. The lighting then has the same heat throughout the room.

Best conceivable level

The Wave built-in units function both with outside discharge and with a carbon or plasma filter. Because the unit hangs about 70 centimetres above the hob and against the wall, it functions at the best conceivable level.

Endless possibilities

Functional, trendy, spacious and customisable according to your own taste. The range of Wave ceiling units offers almost endless possibilities. All models are entirely integrated in the kitchen and are remarkably easy use. They can be easily installed in a small space. Not only the stuccowork will remain intact, the light lines of the ceiling can also remain untouched after the installation. Furthermore, every model can be connected to a good ducting system consisting of tight channels.

Custom Made

The ceiling units can also recirculate. And that’s good because the system keeps the energy in the house so that no duct have to be created. For this option, we have fitted carbon filters or a plasma filter. Wave makes its ceiling units part of the interior and design of the kitchen. But there are more possibilities. With online configurator ‘Wave Custom Made’, you can pick your own colours, materials, dimensions, lighting and installation depth. Customisation up to the finest detail, an extractor could not get more personal.

Clean air

The filter was specially developed for cleansing cooking odours, without the smell moving outside.This saves energy. It can simply be placed on the motor of an extractor and it works on power (220 V). As soon as the extractor is on, the airflow will be blown into the filter. A sensor detects the airflow and starts to cleanse. Clean air will then come back into the kitchen.

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