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Range Cookers


Elegance can manifest itself in different shapes. When we were kids and adjusting our blouse’s collar or a skirt seemed to be unimportant. Lace the shoes, be composed. Today we give the same advice to our kids instead. We have learned how to look for elegance in small details.

But can a kitchen be elegant? The answer is Yes, Ascot can be. Sinuous lines, vibrant colours, a classic beauty with a hint of British style but reinterpreted with a modern and refined concept design.
By looking at this kitchen, the fragrance of the lasagne that our grandma used to cook for us on Sunday brings back happy childhood memories. How she used to turn on the Brionvega and the black and white images appeared, sometimes interrupted by the weak signal. Memories are important and every day we collect new ones: so let’s do it in the best way. Ascot line is already history.
– Aisi 304 s.steel body
– One touch ignition
– Electronic oven timer control
– Brass Burners

– Gas or induction
– Metal knobs and handles
– Cast iron enamelled griddles
– Push-pull storage drawer
– Adjustable feet
– Cold triple glazed door
– Stainless steel or 8 available colours for the complete body
– 4 different trims
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