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Paramount Procurement - St.Lucia

Paramount Procurement Services are reputed equipment suppliers for restaurants. With over 25 years experience in the field, we are offering the most competitive prices on the market. We are established factory authorised distributors for True (Refrigeration), Browne (cookware and flatware), RSA (Room Service Amenities), Winco (glassware) amongst others, serving as leading hospitality procurement service providers.

Our key strengths are product reliability and product knowledge.

We are known for providing quality and performance at affordable prices. For clients with strict budgets, we are the perfect choice for ‘startup’ SME’s just entering the marketplace.

We also specialise in bakery equipment, commercial kitchens and equipment for independent caterers, professional chefs, hotels, bars and cafes, with an assortment of chef knives, utensils, crockery, cookware , microwave and industrial ovens to choose from.

Depending upon your requirements, you can select from an unimaginable range of ovens, grills, etc. Our friendly customer help desk will take down your orders and commence order processing on your behalf, in collaboration with our team of international professionals.

Additionally, we are always ready to assist customers with bespoke design and installation of their tailor made EU Manufactured ‘futuristic’ kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms all specialised for the hospitality sector.


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