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Leyton Lighting

Today’s consumers are becoming more educated as to the importance of lighting and how it can enhance their interior designs. They are looking for fully integrated lighting solutions within their kitchens and Leyton lighting offer just that.

Instead of just using cabinet lighting the opportunity exists for consumers to purchase complementary ranges of lighting to enhance their kitchen e.g. ceiling down lights, spot or wall lights or decorative pendants.

Using a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting will not only give a great overall effect but will provide flexibility to perform the wide range of functions the user needs to perform in their kitchens.

There are three groups of lighting you need to consider when lighting your kitchen (ambient, accent and task). Using all three will not only give you a great overall effect but will provide the flexibility to perform the wide range of functions the room may need to accommodate. The change from a bright and energetic light for daytime tasks, to a relaxed space after work and through to an intimate atmosphere for evening dining should be seamless and effortless.

Leyton Pendant Collection

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Designer Lighting for Kitchens

Kitchens need bright, energetic light for day tasks, and subtle intimate atmosphere for evening gatherings. Our collection of innovative task, sublime accent lighting and ambient lighting meets all these demands.

Kitchen Lighting

Designer Lighting for Bathrooms

Purpose designed ambient lighting designed for wet and humid environments provides a canvas on which our collection of task and accent lighting can be layered to create a functional and intimate environment.

Kitchen Lighting

Designer Lighting for Bedrooms

Our collection of lighting for bedrooms includes soft and gentle ambient lighting, bright functional task lighting for reading and dressing and beautiful accent lighting to create a welcoming and relaxing sanctuary.

Kitchen Lighting

New COB (Chip on Board) technology combines many small chips integrated into one large chip and then bonded directly on to a substrate. This allows for increased heat dissipation and therefore increased life span.

COB LEDs give a wider beam angle and an even, bright constant light. Because the COB doesn’t have any diodes there are no visible ‘dots’ which is particularly useful in highly reflective areas.

Key benefits:

  • Higher light levels with a more uniform appearance
  • Good levels of light dispersion
  • Increased stability and reliability
  • Improved heat management
  • Longer lifespan

Environmental awareness is a growing factor for the ‘green’ conscious consumer. In the last few years there has been a rise in the way the consumer thinks about energy efficiency in their home, and what is something that you use every day? Your Lighting.

The latest LED products on the market from Leyton lighting are up to 90% more efficient than conventional lighting and can have a life span of up to 25 years. LED lighting will make a notable difference to your power consumption and also the environmental impact. So if you’re keen for being green, Leyton lighting can help in your bid to become more environmentally friendly.

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