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Leyton Lighting

Contemporary and innovative LED lighting is the solution for the best finishing touches that bring life and light to every kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design.

Choosing LED lights from a manufacturer such as Leyton Lighting for an energy-efficient approach that can’t be beat.


Kitchens need bright, energetic light for day tasks, and subtle intimate atmosphere for evening gatherings. Our collection of innovative task, sublime accent lighting and ambient lighting meets all these demands.


Our collection of lighting for bedrooms includes soft and gentle ambient lighting, bright functional task lighting for reading and dressing and beautiful accent lighting to create a welcoming and relaxing sanctuary.


Purpose designed ambient lighting designed for wet and humid environments provides a canvas on which our collection of task and accent lighting can be layered to create a functional and intimate environment.

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Leyton Lighting

Leyton Lighting are renowned internationally for their quality and engineering.

  • Interior Lighting
  • 200Ranges
  • High Quality

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