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PURLINE Organic Flooring

  •   Ecological flooring
  •   Made in Germany
  •   Extremely durable
  •   UV-resistant
  •   Non-slip

What is PURLINE organic flooring?

wineo creates organic flooring using natural raw materials – without PVC, chlorine, plasticisers or solvents. Not only is it great for the environment, it looks stunning too. It’s also practical: wineo organic flooring can withstand much more than other flooring types and shines with minimal maintenance. The ideal recipe for flooring lovers who want the advantages that modern flooring offers. Get a taste of the product:

Made from natural materials | Extremely durable | Ideal for demanding spaces

More organic than ever

PURLINE is currently no doubt the most ecological resilient floor covering the market: whether in production, in terms of everyday use or recycling. It is made of natural and renewable materials, without toxic additives – and also shows its best side in use.

Naturally ecological because…
… the organic flooring is made of renewable raw materials and natural fillers.
… rapeseed or castor oil is used instead of petrochemical materials.
… PURLINE is completely free of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents.
… the organic flooring is recyclable and can be disposed of with household waste.


Naturally tough

Due to its high quality contents and excellent processing, your customers can enjoy the organic flooring for a long time.
The ecological floor covering invites plenty of barefoot walking, is unimpressed by furniture imprints and even keeps its colour in the sun. We even guarantee this.

Naturally long-lasting because…
… PURLINE is extremely durable and resilient.
… chemical and mechanical influences barely have any effect on it.
… the organic flooring shows unique recovery rate – almost 100 %.
… its UV-resistance is extremely high – no fading from the sun.


For sure, natural

The organic flooring also shows its true natural side in the important topic of safety: it does not release any harmful substances, even if a little child‘s face should come too close to it on occasion.

Naturally safe because…
… it contains no substances that are harmful to health such as plasticisers.
… PURLINE is completely odour-neutral and emission-free.
… no toxic gases and hardly any smoke are released – escape routes remain visible.


A pure joy for the environment

Dirt or chemical substances? What bothers other floors simply drips off PURLINE. Its compact surface is really easy to keep tidy and hygienically clean: Not only that save your customers time, but also hard cash over the years.

Naturally easy to clean because…
… the organic floor withstands all conventional cleaning products from acid to alkaline.
… the closed surface ensures easy, quick and thorough cleaning.
… even markers or coloured pens can be completely removed.
… PURLINE is very hygienic and easy to clean thanks to its polyurethane surface.

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