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Wineo Flooring

Wineo the new strong brand for laminate floors, design floors and PURLINE the bioboden. Two strong brands, two successful assortments. Together one. Because wineo combines the best of established WITEX and WINDMÖLLER FLOORING flooring brands in a strong range. Although wineo is an artistic name, wineo carries the clear manuscript of the tried and tested:

Such as Windmöller (Flooring) and Witex. So, not so “artificial”, but neo or new! Because wineo uses the familiarity, experience and strength of the family business Windmöller (and the two established landmarks), as a contemporary and end-user orientated brand, but also targeted new ways.

The new brand acts personally, in a life-like and likeable way, just in the middle of life. About “small personal and stories that write life”, wineo shows other perspectives for habitats and gives exciting insights into the soil world. This is followed by wineo, an important finding: today, the right mix of functionality and a sense of living is required. People not only choose functional aspects for a flooring but also strengthen whether the floor or the brand is an individual lifestyle.

And so we do not want to supply any soil with wineo, but the ground or the stage for life. And that’s what we call “stage of life”!

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Loud steps on laminate flooring or parquet not only disturb the neighbours but also unnecessarily disrupt the ambience within your own home. To counteract this, floor coverings with integrated noise insulation are available. In most cases however, these are universal solutions that are only rarely tailored to any specific needs or requirements. As an alternative, separate insulating underlay is installed for hard floor coverings such as laminate or parquet as well as for elastic design flooring. Good insulation can significantly reduce footfall noise caused by walking on laminate flooring. Elastic design flooring has better sound characteristics than hard floor coverings; nevertheless, additionally reducing the level of noise produced is possible and worthwhile. Incredibly long-lasting, resistant and dimensionally stable noise-absorbing mats from wineo. Regardless of whether they are combined with laminate flooring, parquet or elastic flooring, footfall noise is optimally reduced on an ongoing basis.

A neat finish to the walls using skirting boards is not only an optical benefit and particularly practical for hiding
unsightly cables. It also results in an optimally closed surface, which is easy to clean and protects the wall
from dirt and impact. The wineo skirting boards are available in different shapes with a wide range of colours to choose from.
Besides a large number of skirting boards, which are ideally matched to the decors, the wineo range of
accessories also offers you single-coloured skirting boards that can be universally combined with all designs.

wineo profiles are perfectly suited for making a neat finish between the floor and walls, adjoining door sills or
other components. They create a gentle transition, close expansion joints and, besides the classic metal
finishes, are also available in different wood designs.

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